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2019 Testing

USFS States “Figure skating in the U.S. can be either competitive or recreational, and those learning to skate can choose either route. While competitive skaters are required to participate in the U.S. testing structure to eventually compete in qualifying competitions, recreational skaters can also opt to take tests in order to continually challenge themselves and their abilities…”

For test forms please click the links below and submit along with your test fees. More information on testing can be found here.

TESTs PASSED in 2019

Congratulations to all of our testers!

Moves In The Field

Bugaeva, Elizabeth - Pre-Preliminary

Adult Moves In The Field

Free Skate

Adult Free Skate

Pairs Free Skate





Garcia, Monet - Solo Dutch Waltz

Garcia, Monet - Solo Canasta Tango

Garcia, Monet - Solo Rhythm Blues


Correia, Megan - Solo Cha Cha

Fuentes, Anastacia - Solo Fiesta Tango

Fuentes, Anastacia - Solo Cha Cha

Fuentes, Anastacia - Solo Swing Dance

Fuentes, Gabriella - Solo Fiesta Tango

Fuentes, Gabriella - Slo Cha Cha

Fuentes, Gabriella - Solo Swing Dance

Norman, Haley - Solo Fiesta Tango

Norman, Haley - Solo Cha Cha

Norman, Haley - Solo Swing Dance

Norman, Haley - Solo Hickory Hoedown


Fuentes, Anastacia - Solo Ten-Fox

Fuentes, Gabriella - Solo Willow Waltz

Fuentes, Gabriella - Solo Hickory Hoedown

Fuentes, Gabriella - Solo Ten-Fox

Horner, Mary - Ten-Fox

Horner, Mary - Willow Waltz

Horner, Mary - Hickory Hoedown


Horner, Mary - Fourteenstep

Horner, Mary - European Waltz

Horner, Mary - Foxtrot





TESTs PASSED in 2018

Club Testers.jpg

Moves In The Field

Baron, Jessica - Pre-Preliminary

Fuentes, Dominick - Pre-Preliminary

Gonzalez-Balandran, Catherine - Pre-Preliminary

Lindsey, Ava - Pre-Preliminary

Manalang, Lauren - Pre-Preliminary

Snow, Sierra - Pre-Preliminary

Garcia, Monet - Preliminary

Golez, Julia - Preliminary

Martin, Elena - Preliminary

Suhr, Jasmine - Preliminary

Kneeland, Karina - Intermediate

Matuszyk, Hannah - Intermediate

Horner, Mary - Novice

Ichise, Lily - Novice

Saavedra, Jason - Novice

Griffin, Elise - Junior

Horner, Mary - Junior

Stratton, Natalia  - Senior

Free Skate

Baron, Jessica - Pre-Preliminary

Fuentes, Anastacia - Pre-Juvenile

Fuentes, Gabriella - Juvenile

Horner, Mary - Intermediate

Adult Moves In The Field

Warren, Laura - Adult Bronze



Norman, Haley  - Solo Rhythm Blues

Norman, Haley  - Canasta Tango

Fuentes, Anastacia - Preliminary Dance Test

Fuentes, Gabriella - Preliminary Dance Test

Horner, Mary - Preliminary Dance Test

Kneeland, Karina - Preliminary Dance Test


Horner, Mary - Pre-Bronze Dance Test


Griffin, Elise - Silver Dance Test


Wilson, Alex - Kilian

Wilson, Alex - Blues

Conte, Angelique - Adult Pre-Gold Dance Test


Gawell, Lynn - Solo Quickstep

Gawell, Lynn - Solo Argentine Tango

Conte, Angelique - Adult 21+ Westminster Waltz


Marshall, Sabrina - Midnight Blues

Tests Passed In 2017

Moves In The Field

Garcia, Monet - Pre-Preliminary

Martin, Elena - Pre-Preliminary

Miller, Jersey - Pre-Preliminary

Correia, Megan - Preliminary

Correia, Megan - Pre-Juvenile

Fuentes, Anastacia - Juvenile

Fuentes, Gabriella - Juvenile

Matuszyk, Hannah - Juvenile

Fuentes, Anastacia - Intermediate

Fuentes, Gabriella - Intermediate

Horner, Mary - Intermediate

Ichise, Lily - Intermediate

Saavedra, Jason - Intermediate

Griffin, Elise - Novice

Stratton, Natalia  - Junior

Free Skate

Correia, Megan - Pre-Preliminary

Martin, Elena - Pre-Preliminary

Fuentes, Anastacia - Preliminary

Fuentes, Gabriella - Pre-Juvenile

Horner, Mary - Juvenile

Ichise, Lily - Juvenile

Kneeland, Karina - Juvenile

Norman, Haley  - Juvenile

Ichise, Lily - Intermediate

Saavedra, Jason - Intermediate

Adult Moves In The Field

Warren, Laura - Adult Pre-Bronze

Adult Free Skate

Warren, Laura - Adult Pre-Bronze

Pairs Free Skate

Fuentes, Gabriella - Juvenile Pair

Saavedra, Jason - Juvenile Pair

Fuentes, Gabriella - Intermediate Pair

Saavedra, Jason - Intermediate Pair



Correia, Megan - Dutch Waltz

Fuentes, Anastacia - Dutch Waltz

Norman, Haley  - Dutch Waltz

Correia, Megan - Canasta Tango

Fuentes, Anastacia - Canasta Tango


Griffin, Elise - Pre-Silver


Conte, Angelique - Adult Kilian

Gawell, Lynn - Solo Pre-Gold Dance


Marshall, Sabrina - Cha Cha Congelado

Marshall, Sabrina - Rhumba

Marshall, Sabrina - Silver Samba