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2400 North Rancho Drive
Las Vegas, NV, 89130
United States

Gifts and Grants

We are a 501 (c) (3). Every year the LVFSC chooses one qualifying applicant to receive a $1000 grant to help further their skating career. We also issue multiple gifts to skaters who qualify by representing the club in regional, sectional, national, and grad prix competitions. Please contact if you would like to donate.


Las Vegas FSC is part of the Amazon smile program. All donations will directly benefit the skaters. Please adjust your amazon smile donations to The Las Vegas Figure Skating Club.

LVFSC Gift Grant

Eligible skaters for the annual gift grant are defined as:

  • Must have passed their juvenile free skate test or above by December 1
  • Skater must have completed juvenile free skate and must have competed a minimum of twice at juvenile or open juvenile or higher by December 1
  • Must not have been previous recipient of  the gift grant
  • Must have been a full paying member in good standing of the LVFSC for the entire previous membership year
  • Must be a competitive U.S. Figure Skating member competing at the regional level
  • Must be 21 years of age or younger by December 1
  • Must compete representing the LVFSC at all attended competitions during the current and previous competition season


  • The Gift Grant Committee is comprised of board members that do not have skaters applying for the gift grant.
  • Grant applications are delivered to eligible skaters between December 1 and December 31.
  • The committee contacts judges and arranges for three to evaluate the completed applications and submit their ranking of those skaters.
  • The committee is in charge of collecting, sorting, mailing, obtaining results, engraving the plaque, and awarding the grant at annual LVFSC banquet.
  • Gift grant will be awarded up to $1000 pending board approval.
  • A competition season is equivalent to a membership year is defined as the time frame beginning July 1st to June 30th of the following year.

Gifts for Qualifying Competitors

Beginning with the 2017-2018 competitive season, the LVFSC will contribute to LVFSC home club member’s competition expenses using the following criteria:

All Skaters

  • To be eligible to receive gifts and grants, skaters and/or their family members must actively participate in club fundraisers and activities. 

Regional Events*

  • Regional Competitors - Any competitor at the pre-preliminary to pre-juvenile representing the LVFSC will receive $50 towards expenses for their regional competition.
  • Regional Competitors - Any competitor at the juvenile and higher level representing LVFSC will receive $100 towards expenses for their regional competition.


  • Sectional Competitors - Free skating competitors who qualify to compete in sectionals by placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in their regional final round qualifying event will receive $300 towards expenses for their sectional competition.
  • National Competitors - Competitors (singles, pairs, or dance) who qualify to compete at the US Figure Skating Nationals will receive $500 towards expenses for their national competition (includes skaters receiving a bye to compete at nationals).
  • Junior and Grand Prix - Any competitor representing the LVFSC will receive $500 toward their expenses for their junior or grand prix. A perpetual trophy/award will be designed in honor of the skater’s accomplishments.

Adult Competitors*

  • Sectional Competitors - Competitor must cover their own expenses.
  • National Competitors - Any competitor who qualifies to compete in nationals by placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in their sectional qualifying event (Championship Masters, Championship Adult Gold Free Skating, or Championship Dance or Pair) will receive $300 toward their expenses for their national competition.


*In order to qualify, competitors must represent LVFSC at all competitions during the competitive season.

*Total gift amounts limited to a maximum of $1000 per competition season for each competitor.

*Gifts will be dispersed within 30 days of the next board meeting following the competition.

2016-17 United States Figure Skating Competitive Season

Gifts and Grants

*Ashelen Lund Course $100

Central Pacific Regi0nal Competitor


*Li Li Dong-Mandler $100

Central Pacific Regi0nal Competitor


*Katie Freter $100

Central Pacific Regi0nal Competitor


*Gabi Fuentes $100

Central Pacific Regi0nal Competitor


*Ana Fuentes $100

Central Pacific Regi0nal Competitor


*Haley Norman $100

Central Pacific Regi0nal Competitor


*Mary Horner $100

Central Pacific Regi0nal Competitor


*Zack Sidhu $500

Salt Lake International


*Li Li Dong-Mandler*

2016 Grant Award Winner $1000



Natalia Straton $300

USFSA Adult Championships


Jodi Poss $300

USFSA Adult Championships


Lynn Gawell $300

USFSA Adult Championships


Kimberlee Hyp $300

USFSA Adult Championships